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empowering people to overcome Nervousness to Dominate their Public Speaking Events since 1992

Through Podium Communications, my mission is to empower you to transform into confident and effective communicator empowered to authentically connect to your audience. This is done through the 3 pillars of public communication: Presenting Information Effectively, Speaking with a clear voice, and Thinking quickly under pressure. Each Podium Communications Workshop moves you toward a place of power, clarity, and effectiveness by firstly removing the underlying resistance to self-expression by releasing fears and organizing cluttered thinking; and secondly, by teaching the methods of effective communication.

Training available from Podium Communications:


Public Speaking for Public Influence: Master Public speaking Essentials


Vocal Release: the Power of Vibrational Communication


Think Quick!: Within Seconds, Structure then Speak Your Ideas

Using AI assistance, rapidly organize presentations, and then prepare and practice delivering your speech in your unique personality. You will learn everything you need to know to confidently interaction with your audience to give a compelling presentation.

The vibration of your voice reaches out to touch the minds and emotions of your audience. It conveys the messages you want them to know, but also it reveals so much more about your inner self, emotions and confidence level at a subconscious level.

So many elements contribute to the fear of public speaking, but the greatest fear is the fear of freezing on the spot. In this course you will learn and practice a method on how to organize your thoughts quickly, within seconds, into an intelligent speech.

About the Evolution of the Podium Approach

Initially established in 1992, Podium Communications started with a comprehensive course, “The Essence of Public Speaking”, that covered everything from crafting ideas to delivering them with confidence. Nervousness was dealt with by becoming more skilled in delivery techniques.

In the late 1990s, we added modules on voice quality. I noticed that even though one can master the technical aspects of delivery, a tension in the voice is still detected. I noticed that skilled voices spoke more confidently without anxiety and that a clear resonant voice received positive evaluations from the audience.

In 2011, an additional module on overcome anxiety before diving into learning delivery techniques was added. Without needing to constantly push through fear,  learning the techniques of delivery became easier and more enjoyable.

Now, in 2024, with the rise of AI, the program is shifting again! Since AI can handle the heavy lifting of brainstorming, outlining, and even writing, we’re focusing on what truly matters – the human connection.

The current course leverages AI to streamline content creation, allowing you to dedicate more time to developing your skills in building a strong connection with your audience. After all, in a world of AI-generated content, your unique personal human connection is what makes you stand out!

Personalized Public Speaking Coaching

  • Tailored training: Address specific needs and goals of each client.
  • Personalized feedback: Receive detailed analysis and actionable advice.
  • Flexible schedule: Work around individual availability.
  • Faster progress: Benefit from focused and concentrated learning.
  • Critique current presentations and develop learning objective to improve professional presentations.
  • Available locally in your facility or through online video coaching

Coaching Process:

  • Initial consultation to understand your needs and goals.
  • Customized program development based on the consultation.
  • Session structure and content focus.
  • Follow-up and progress tracking.

Contact for information:

Complete this form for information on corporate bookings, conference presentations, and request for private coaching.