Release Fear and Step into Confidence

Release Fear to Step into Confidence
In the first session you will deal with possible emotional issues that cause you to want to
escape Public Speaking.
Stage Fright to Stage Might
Fear to Excitement
To direct your focus and emotion rather than living at the effect of being led.
You will learn to release some of the defenses that you use to protect yourself in places
where you no longer need protection.
Some say that you can never be free of the fear of public speaking, better to just control
the butterflies. Some say that learning the techniques will help cope with the fear of
public speaking. From experience I say that buying into these beliefs only guarantees
ongoing stress.
This workshop tackles “the fear” straight on so that you can continue forward learning
the skill of public speaking without fighting through the fear every step of the way.
Perception/ meaning of public speaking
This workshop is all about changing your perceptions of and the meanings you
assigned to public speaking that continues stress. This workshop leads you through the
necessary understing to put your fear of public speaking into a new context and
provides the experience that allows you to step out from the protection that fear
provides to enjoy your process of self-development through public speaking.
You will change your automatic response to public speaking from fear to excitement.
Currently, if you suffer from the fear of public speaking you likely perceive public
speaking to be dangerous event full of possible ways to humilate yourself in a big way.
Or, if you have an approach avoidance behavior, you want the possible opportunities
that public speaking may provide you but as you approach the event you feel the desire
to escape. That is an internal conflict of your intellectual understanding of the
opportunities and the emotional connection to the possible dangers of public speaking

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