Freedom of Effortless Self-Expression Workshop

The Freedom of Effortless Self-Expression Public Speaking Workshop is organized as a series of five modules. Depending on the needs of the organization each module can be 1 to 5 hour workshop therefore we are able to meet the specific needs of the participants.

Module One – Release Fear to Step into Confidence
In the first of the series you will feel the release of tension that is associated with the anticipation of public speaking. You will understand how fear has been serving you and why there is an underlying resistance to let go of the fear. You will realize that the emotion of fear has impaired your natural ability to communicate, has stifled your creativity in preparation of speeches, and overshadows your presentations with an awkward tension. Through a couple emotionally based exercises you will change the meaning of public speaking to an excitement that pulls you forward through your presentations.

Module Two – A Simple Formula for Intelligent Impromptu Speaking
How do you react to expressing yourself on the spot? Do you freeze without ideas? Do too many ideas come at once? Or, do you ramble as random thoughts come to mind? You can replace the above three responses with the ability to quickly organize and speak your ideas.
Through this workshop you will learn a format to quickly organize your thoughts into a logical speech. It is a simple format, or process of thinking, that is easy to put into practice to ensure an intelligent response wherever needed. Learn this format to no longer suffer from the pain of anticipating the moment in the table topic session or even in a business meeting.

Module Three – How to Create a Speech within Minutes to Transform Stress into Success
Do you find yourself procrastinating for weeks or even months before creating your next speech? Is that because the whole process of creating a speech takes so long? Maybe you experience writer’s block? Then, once you have a speech, does the whole process of memorizing and preparing the speech seem like a daunting stress filled task?
Eliminate the reasons for procrastinating and eliminate “writer’s block” to amaze yourself at how quickly and easily you can create a speech ready to present. In this workshop we will explore the three common time-consuming actions when creating a speech that actually makes organizing and then memorizing a speech a long and difficult process. By using the mind as it naturally works we learn a simplified alternative approach to create and memorize your next speech. The end result is the confidence to take the opportunity to speak whenever it arises.

Module Four – Release your vocal power through this Voice Clinic
Your voice is a rich medium for communicating ideas to people, but it does more than that. Through pitch, rate, loudness, intonations, phrasing, pronunciation, and accents we convey a wealth of information. The voice reveals our emotions, degree of self-confidence, knowledge and much more. Through this module you will gain an awareness of your voice, explore common vocal problems and practice the solutions, speak to be understood, and learn a 5 step process to quickly prepare your voice for a dynamic presentation. The end result is improved self-confidence, improved  public image, and an effectiveness in conversation, on the telephone and in public speaking.

Module Five- Fully Engage and Interact with Your Audience
For many, the image of being a Gladiator standing up to fight a handful of lions might describe the metaphor of standing in front of an audience. Your perceptions of “the audience” not only creates fear but also creates an invisible barrier between you and the listeners.
In this workshop you will learn to perceive the audience in a new non-intimidating way. This new perception of your listeners will leave you feeling in control and allows you to open up to interact with your audience. You will learn a formula to create your speech from within the mind-frame of interaction and openness. Break down that invisible barrier that separates you from your audience to create a powerful and effective speaking style.