gary_mueller_seminars001001Gerhard Gary Mueller has been speaking professionally since 1991 as training coordinator, workshop facilitator, television spokesman, voice narrator for training videos, master of ceremonies, teacher, and transport industry trainer.

He knows the challenges of developing communication skills first hand. The devastating experience of presenting his University thesis in 1986 shattered his self-image and altered his life plans.
The need to understand and eliminate his fear of public speaking drove him to returned to University to study psychology, practice weekly speech making through Toastmasters International, hire speech coaches, take courses in improvisation, and attend workshops on voice and microphone technique.

In the early 200o’s, he took the effectiveness of this approach to a higher level by becoming certified as an NLP Practitioner, Strategic Intervention Coach and Breakthrough Coach.

His research and experience has contributed to this
Unique Approach to teaching communication skills that deals with the person, not just the techniques of speaking. Through Podium Communications people overcome their restrictive habits and fears right along with learning techniques to improve voice, movement, and organization.